Performance architectural lighting
Often used in large public spaces, offices and hotels where a well-proportioned luminaire is needed to illuminate the space, ALM products have been used to create world class lighting solutions. In addition to the standard range, modified and custom solutions are available.


Innovative architectural LED
Filix is the source for exceptional white color and RGB color LED products and systems. The versatility of these robust luminaires is demonstrated by some exceptional projects from internationally renowned designers.


Efficient wall and ceiling luminaires

Aesthetically and technically sophisticated exterior lighting, which decorates and illuminates gardens, facades and entrance areas. Designers have been inspired by the dramatic output characteristics of these luminaires to develop installations that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Architectural and integrated lighting systems
Schmitz Lighting products are distinguished by functional design combined with pure aesthetic lines and a high standard of quality. The systems are versatile and effective, allowing the designer’s own creativity to realize projects with dramatic results.


Steng Lighting combines advanced technology with ease of use and prominent design. The quality of these products attracts the most discerning designers and the results are carefully and precisely considered lighting projects of exquisite simplicity. Read More


Seamless integrated lighting
Luminaires that beautifully blend with adjoining surfaces to create the most integrated lighting schemes. The Whitegoods family allows the specifier to treat a complete installation with one unified style. The projects that have developed from this simple approach are spectacular.