Linea Light Group Acquires Equity Interest in Inter-lux LLC

Linea Light Group has become an equity owner in Inter-lux LLC via a stock purchase from the company’s Founder, Owner and CEO, Mark DeVries. The fortified relationship between the companies will enable Inter-lux to accelerate the introduction and sales of its Partner Brand offerings.

DeVries says, “After a little over three years working with Linea Light, we have found that their goals are very well matched to ours. We will continue to grow market share with our existing Partner Brands by accelerating the introduction of new products and services from each of them, as well as expanding our sales and marketing activities to better service our network of professional sales organizations.”

Linea Light Group manufactures a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial lighting products from its multiple factories in northern Italy. “Our goal is to bring our products and services to the North American market. Over the last three years, we have been impressed with the performance of Inter-lux, and we are totally in support of the continuation of the Inter-lux hybrid model of the manufacturing and distribution of its partner brands.” contributes Nicola Vendrame, CEO Linea Light Group.

Inter-lux manufactures and distributes quality lighting brands in North America through an established network of well-supported independent sales representatives. “As a result of this transaction, no changes in company leadership nor focus is anticipated apart from the changes that occur due to the growth of the company. We will stay a focused, market-driven company dedicated to supporting our sales representatives and their customers.” DeVries adds.