Xenia Recessed Blade

Xenia is a family of slim profile, low glare linear LED recessed and wall fixtures suitable to illuminate outdoor architectural elements such as facades, columns, landscape, and pathway lighting. The recessed version can be installed as a drive-over in-grade or can be mounted into walls and ceilings.

Fixture Body: Corrosion resistant 6060 Aluminum, Anodized (20 μm).
Trim: Aluminum Frame or Frameless. Extra clear glass – Tempered.
Mounting/Housing: Corrosion resistant 6060 Anodized Aluminum Housing (required for Recessed in-ground installations) or Aluminum Springs (required for Recessed Wall/Ceiling applications).
Drive-over: Up to 4,409 lbs.

Driver: Remote CC 120-277V Dimmable 0-10V.
Wattage/Size: 6W (8.1″)
Safety features: Built-in Aquastop® (Anti-wicking) and TCS® (Over tension and electrical discharge protection) systems.

IP rating: IP68 for temporary submersion up to 10′ depth for up to a maximum of 1 hr.
ETL Certification: ETL, wet location

Optics: Fixed, Radial (Blade).
Color temperatures: 2700K – 3000K – 3500K – 4000K.


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