New Whitegoods Coves/Perimeter Book

Inter-lux is pleased to introduce a new Coves/Perimeter Book that outlines the extensive variety of Whitegoods cove and perimeter products currently available. This Book includes Product Details, Design Guide and an Application Guide to help architects and designers utilize these versatile lighting tools. Standard patterns, with custom patterns available in both coffer and raft configurations, make Whitegoods the ideal choice for cove and perimeter lighting.

A few notable features of these products:


  • Cove and Perimeter luminaires for every application
  • QUICKSHIP modular design
  • Standard high-performance, quality LED technology throughout the range
  • Updated 90 CRI
  • Housing provided in standard and custom lengths
  • Choice of standard or custom illuminated corners
  • Made in the U.S.A.


“Whitegoods offers the most complete coves family in the market. Our Coves/Perimeter Book is the comprehensive guide to identifying and implementing the perfect solution to numerous and varied lighting challenges. The Whitegoods Edgeless Cove is the original, and still the best of its kind, despite many imitators,” says Mark DeVries, CEO.


Download a PDF of the Coves/Perimeter Book at