Project: Athens International Airport
Location: Athens, Greece
Architect: Alexandros N. Tombazis and Associates | AVW Architecture
Façade Lighting: Eleftheria Deko & Associates
Structural Design: Alexandros Athanasiadis & Associates | Kyriaki Kalantzi
Photography: Gavriil Papadiotis

Athens International Airport

The objective of the outdoor lighting project was to emphasize the main façade of the new building, which represents the most visible part for those arriving at the airport due its position on the major roadways.The fil rouge of the operation was to create high-impact lighting, a sculpture of illumination that shines in the night sky of the capital.

For this purpose, a custom version of the Paseo linear profile was designed. Indeed, its extreme versatility has made it possible to create a “giant” model that can be recessed directly on the sunshades of the structure, to give life to spectacular and evocative effects.
The conception of Paseo Giga (as has been defined by the entire team involved in the work) has been long and laborious, starting with the creation of an aluminum recessed casing to be installed inside the sunshades with the dual task of encasing the electrical wiring (with all Paseo modules being RGBW and managed individually by a DMX control unit) whilst also allowing the practical recessing of Paseo Giga.

With 253 modules in polycarbonate and with an IP67 to withstand the elements, the result achieved is spectacular. Simple and elegant white lines intersperse with colorful scenery, with static or dynamic effects, which define or soften and turn on or off.

Finally, great attention to detail has been paid to the less visible sides of the building, where Archiline PRO profiles have been fitted in the 4000K monochrome version, managed with the DALI protocol and flanked by a custom version of Thin66, the linear profile that emits a diffused light that, thanks to its minimalist design, adapts to any type of installation to accentuate architectural details and features whilst emphasizing the façades with character and elegance.