iLED Linea Light – lights up the The Latvian National Museum!

The Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga gets a makeover!

When you visit a museum you dive into a multisensory experience. The work of art blends with its surroundings: the structure, the arrangement of works and the lighting are just some of the essential aspects that guide the viewer emotionally, accompanying him on a visual journey that touches the deepest chords of the human soul.

These considerations, in addition to other, purely technical concerns, have played a key role in the choice of the most suitable lighting solutions to emphasize the high artistic value of the collection on display at the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga (LNMM – Latvijas Nacionalais Mākslas Muzejs), as well as its majestic facade, designed in classical and baroque style by the German architect Wilhelm Neumann.

The grandeur of the main facade was enhanced by the regularity of the light lines drawn by Xenia bar. The lighting extends upwards and downwards, covering the structure with a carpet of clear, soft, unadulterated light. The resulting architectural landscape evokes a new aesthetic design, the perfect combination of charm and harmony.

The Latvian museum reopened to the public in the spring of 2016 after renovation. In addition to dedicating ample space to the development of the Baltic and national cultures, and owning one of the richest collections of Russian art, the museum periodically hosts works by both national and international artists.

An impressive 1300 projectors were installed in order to illuminate these works of art and the exhibition spaces.

About 90% of these were realized with DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), a protocol that enables a customized light management. Its integration, in fact, makes it possible to determine the quantity of light emission, depending on the subject to be illuminated.

The choice for this lighting project fell on the Sunrise and Vektor projectors from the I-Lèd collection.

Placed on long tracks, Sunrise is a high CRI LED lighting solution for optimum accent lighting, emphasizing various aspects of the architecture of the interiors the artworks on display, and creating a fascinating interplay of volumes and sizes. Placed on the same track, the projector Vektor offers the possibility to delineate with precision the contours of the paintings; as well as protecting the pigments, LED technology combined with precision lighting enable to concentrate the visual focus exclusively on the canvas, creating a pleasing contrast effect with the supporting wall. Thus the beauty of the work is not diminished by the shadows that often affect the viewer’s full enjoyment of the artistic experience.

The lighting solutions presented were designed to illuminate a variety of artworks in different media, including paintings of various sizes, sculptures, small objects kept in glass cases and niches, often displayed in rooms with high ceilings. Architecture and lighting then become two fundamental aspects in the fruition of the museum, conferring to the structure an important aesthetic value and a strong identity.

iLED-Linea-Light-Latvian-National-Museum-04 iLED-Linea-Light-Latvian-National-Museum-05 iLED-Linea-Light-Latvian-National-Museum-06 iLED-Linea-Light-Latvian-National-Museum-07 iLED-Linea-Light-Latvian-National-Museum-03