The Most Beautiful Building in the World illuminated by i-LèD projectors

A new armony between architectural and green spaces raises in Milan. The innovation lighted up by Linea Light Group.

The skyscraper known to everyone as the Vertical Forest, recently appointed as the Most Beautiful Building in the World, is illuminated with iLéD Projectors.

The innovative “green” building, born inside Stefano Boeri’s Studio and located in the Porta Nuova Gardens area in Milan, beat other four competitors and won the 2014 International Highrise Award in Frankfurt.

Boeri’s project is a real answer to the requalification needs of one of Milan’s most populated urban areas, and will be an emblem of the city during the 2015 Expo Exhibition. This skyscraper has become in fact the first Italian example, and one of the first in the world, of tangible integration between nature and man.

The building is developed as a real vertical forest: the peculiar structure hosts a large number of deep protruding balconies, able to accommodate hundreds of different plant species.

In order to illuminate the private balconies, the real green lung of the city, Linea Light Group created an exclusive product: a mini high-efficiency black embossed LED projector with a neutral 4.000 K light source and physically integrated driver, positioned inside the external flower holders.

These discrete projectors illuminate the vertical forest with a delicate spot lighting effect, highlighting the profiles of trees and bushes, increasing its visual charm and transforming it into one of the most unique sights in the world.