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Coves + Perimeter (00:45)

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ProTools (04:15)

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20 Linear Bezel Trim (04:40)

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20 Linear Plaster Trim (03:37)

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20 Linear Perimeter (03:38)

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20 Linear Surface (03:38)

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Coves (05:04)

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20 Linear Family (03:49)

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Linea Light

Orma Xenia Blade (00:30)

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Orma Video (01:55)

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Rubber Video (00:39)

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Dirigo Product Video (04:29)

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Xenia Product Video (04:42)

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Paseo Product Video (04:01)

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Archiline Product Video (04:57)

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Orma Product Video (04:57)

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Suelo Product Video (04:08)

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Archiline Overview (01:17)

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IRIS67 (01:12)

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Suelo Overview (02:11)

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Circolo (01:36)

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Assembly (00:47)

Powder Coating (00:40)

Polishing (00:40)

Stoane Lighting

Stoane Lighting Interior Custom Lighting

Stoane Lighting Exterior Custom Lighting

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Linea Light Exterior Linear

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Linea Light Orma + Suelo

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Linea Light Product Family

Whitegoods Family

Whitegoods Downlight Family

Whitegoods Linear Family

Whitegoods 20 Linear Family

Whitegoods ProTools Family

Whitegoods Coves Perimeter Family


ALM Product Family

Stoane Lighting Family


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Our AIA CES-approved course, “Integration, Integration, Integration: The three most important aspects of lighting, and how to master them” will broaden your understanding on the fundamentals of lighting integration.

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1. An understanding of available options when considering lighting within a space.
2. To develop through a structured approach, a strategy for delivering light.
3. To develop a working knowledge of integrated lighting details to support the strategy implementation.
4. A review of relevant real world examples.

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