The design and functionality of Venable’s new state-of-the-art office in Washington, D.C. was inspired by the company’s passion for collaboration, wellness and the environment. Inter-lux/Whitegoods lighting highlights the geometric features of this 300,000 square-foot space designed by Alliance Architecture.

Clear glass walls and open stairways enhance the energy-efficient office, which is equipped with motorized standing desks and treadmill workstations. The 120-year-old law firm was ready for a change of scenery and a new headquarters that would allow enough room for a team of nearly 400 attorneys and staff members to work individually and in teams.
Whitegoods luminaires are designed to blend with adjoining surfaces to bring focus to the architecture and not the lighting. Edgeless Cove integrates with the ceiling and walls of the lobby and hallways to deliver a continuous soft wash of directed light to provide illumination and visual comfort and 20 Linear Surface adds light to the textured ceiling of the onsite café without interrupting the pattern.

To accomplish the complicated task of accentuating the checkerboard design of the conference room ceiling, 20 Linear Plaster Trim luminaires were produced in 14 different lengths. The technology designed into Whitegoods linear LED boards allow for this customization.

Venable’s goal was to inhabit a space that feels professional and welcoming to both its employees and visitors. Seamless integrated lighting from Whitegoods ensured that several lighting fixture styles could work cohesively to define and illuminate the various areas of this office.

Project Name: Venable LLP
Project Location: Washington, DC
Architect: Alliance Architecture
Lighting Design: MCLA
Photography: Robert Benson and Eric Laignel