outdoor landscape architecture: Mise En Scène
lighting planning: DCUBE.Swiss
photography: DCUBE.Swiss

Private Villa, Switzerland


Surrounded by splendid vineyards, the 400m2 villa is characterized by a contemporary and essential style. Pure and minimalist lines define the architecture and stand out as unique compared to the surrounding landscape. Completing the structure is a magnificent and luxurious garden with lush flowers and plants.

The villa’s outdoor lighting design is branded entirely Linea Light Group, thanks to the flexibility and rich catalogue of products dedicated to outdoor lighting. Various luminaires were chosen and installed because of their essential qualities: minimalist and suitably sized, they are enhanced by extremely clean finishes that go well with the architecture of the villa and the surrounding landscape.

The first product is Bond Pro, an elegant and discrete post in dark brown finish that frames all the passages around the house (stairs, terrace areas and lounge areas), as well as those located at the rear. Bond Pro was chosen because it is characterized by extremely low glare due to the configuration of the head that projects light downward, combating light pollution and guaranteeing visual comfort.

On the walls of the house, on the other hand, we find Vedette Q, a square sconce with a minimalist style that creates attractive light games with warm hues. In black finish, it matches the grey-white walls and the black window frames perfectly.

Completing the picture is Periskop, an outdoor projector that lights the shrubbery from below. Small points of light blend with the vegetation in a discrete and non-invasive way, providing the right lighting scenery for the young shrubs.