private residence: @ Emirates Hills
photography: Ella Bessette

Private Villa – Emirate Hills

A play of forms, materials and light…

awaits you when you enter the private residence on the “Emirate Hills”. Marble accompanies you through all the rooms – supposedly cool stone meets high-quality, warm upholstered furniture, accentuated by a play of luminaires in different shapes.

The luminaires, which are positioned in orderly combinations in a unique way in the various rooms, integrate into the overall concept thanks to the adapted surface colors and draw the visitors’ attention to individual areas.

The arrangement of the graceful SLIM ELLIPSEs in the expansive lounge area gives the room a new lightness in addition to the chosen colors of the furniture. In the dining area, the DOPPIO LINEAs underline the long table and provide a further light accent.

The three suspended cylindrical FINO PENDANTs illuminate the marble counter almost unobtrusively, creating a fine separation of the areas without detaching them from each other.