project: Northern Trust – 333 Wabash
location: Chicago, IL
architect: HED
lighting representative: PG Enlighten
photography: Kendall McCaugherty © Hall + Merrick+McCaugherty Photographers
products: Whitegoods Mini Edgeless Cove

Northern Trust – 333 Wabash

Whitegoods cove lighting brings light and dimension to Northern Trust Corporation, a financial services company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. This creative new office space located at 333 Wabash Avenue spreads across 17 floors and nearly half a million square feet. Private and communal areas equipped with moveable desks and walls encourage employee flexibility, freedom and changes of scenery.

Mini Edgeless Cove (MEC) provides illumination and visual interest to the main lobby and conference areas. Designed to blend with adjoining surfaces to accentuate architectural elements, MEC features a light source that is not visible from any viewing angle up to and including a direct horizontal view and it delivers a continuous soft wash of directed light to the surface above. MEC has less projection from the mounting surface due to the driver being remotely located.

Whitegoods pioneered the concept of the Edgeless Cove over 20 years ago, merging an architectural integration profile with integral continuous lighting. MEC is the original continuous linear cove system and it features a plaster-in precision knife-edge for a clean, minimal effect. Cove and Perimeter luminaire systems can be specified to any length and in almost any pattern. Our designed configuration software determines the exact dimensions required for each section and corners are prefabricated in our factory to keep things simple in the field.

Cove lighting adds a modern touch to the sleek surroundings of this new office space.