architect: Müller Architekten, Heilbronn
electrical planning: Eproplan GmbH, Stuttgart


The new premises of the MÜNZING Company offer both a modern work environment as well as functional rooms for conferences and meetings. Spacious laboratory facilities for Applications Engineering and Research & Development are additional parts of the new corporate headquarters.

The circular form, a significant stylistic element in the spaciously designed and modern building, has been consistently integrated in the architecture and interior design, as well as in the outdoor area. Already upon entering the building, the stylish and bright reception area conveys the impression of an active and open corporate culture.

The circular form has therefore become the supporting, respectively the pending element for the lighting – well-proportioned and tailored to all requests regarding light technology. Right in the entrance area, large-dimensioned ANELLO circular lights of up to 6m in diameter and manufactured by SATTLER, intensify the optical ambiance and ensure perfect lighting.

In order to reduce the sound level and to optimize the room acoustics of the entrance area which has been fitted with a stone floor, more than 60 round acoustic screens made by SATTLER have been integrated in addition to the circular lights on the ground floor and the first floor. Suspended from thin steel cables and from different heights, the acoustic screens have been equipped with sound-absorbing acoustic membranes and are partly backlit, which results in improved acoustics with an additional indirect light component for a homogeneous illumination of the room.

The “LIGHT RING” is also reflected in the cafeteria in the form of the thinner DOPPIO luminaire with a direct / indirect light component, which ensures a relaxed lighting ambiance there. Furthermore, energy-efficient LED SLIM and DOPPIO-LINEA ring luminaires above the seating areas and the bar counter as well as in the meeting areas complete the sophisticated light technology and the optically appealing lighting ensemble.

This comprehensive concept, planned and designed by SATTLER in coordination with the architecture firm MÜLLER, adapts to all light technology desires and creates various light ambiances if needed. The luminaires can be controlled individually or in groups via tablet or smartphone with the help of an app. Furthermore, entire lighting scenarios can be saved and applied according to various criteria.