project: ModivCare
location: Denver, CO
architect: Gensler
specifier / lighting designer: ME Engineers-Denver
lighting rep: MH Lighting-Denver
photography: Jess Blackwell Photography


ModivCare, formerly known as LogistiCare, is enjoying a new office space in Denver, Colorado enhanced by Inter-lux lighting. This healthcare company facilitates non-emergency medical transportation, remote monitoring, meal delivery, and personal/home care for patients nationwide.

Housed on the 11th and 12th floors of the Denver Tech Center, ModivCare’s new 73,000 square-foot office features perimeter lighting from Whitegoods in the lobby and Linea Light downlights in the ceiling above three booths created as individual work/meeting spaces.

A perimeter lighting system is a significant design element as it creates a focal point for interest or wayfinding and it contributes general illumination to a space. At ModivCare, perimeter lighting highlights the blue textured wall and leads visitors from the elevators into the office.

20 Linear Perimeter Regressed is an award-winning perimeter lighting system with a regressed light source for general illumination and feature wall grazing. A soft-graze option is available to control textured wall contrast and accommodate feature wall thickness. This recessed luminaire allows the finished wall to continue above the ceiling plane for full-wall illumination. Whitegoods perimeter luminaire systems can be specified to any length and in most any pattern.

Whitegoods provides a curated range of lighting tools that seamlessly integrate into the architecture while making the absolute minimum visual impact on the space being illuminated.

Epitax is a family of low brightness, high-performing round LED downlights suitable to illuminate both residential and commercial applications. It was selected for this project because of its small form factor and high performance, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling to provide sufficient illumination to the work plane below.

Epitax Recessed allows for a defined beam, reducing the impact of the secondary light beam while reducing glare at the same time, making it an ideal choice for work spaces. The Epitax Fixed Round Downlight is available trimless or bezel with a wide variety of optics and color temperatures to provide a customized lighting solution.

Linea Light offers a wide range of high-performance LED luminaires and systems featuring functionality, style and design. Architectural and commercial applications include in-grade and recessed options.