Inter-lux/Sattler lighting was implemented to provide illumination, dampen sound and complement the surrounding décor of Milliman, an international actuarial and consulting firm in Chicago, IL. Optional fabric installed within the Sattler Soft Delta fixtures diffuses light and office noise to achieve the acoustical benefits.

Milliman engaged IA to renovate one floor of its four-floor office and requested private office space as well as collaborative areas to best meet the needs of its employees, clients and the confidential nature of the work.

IA was inspired by Milliman’s mathematics-centered work and the clamshell-shaped floor plan to base the design of the 30,000 square-foot office on organic shapes, such as pebbles, which served as early methods of counting. The rounded triangular profile of the Soft Delta helped integrate curves in all three dimensions. Taking advantage of the extra height of the floor plate, the lighting solutions allow one’s viewpoint to be lifted upwards and outwards to help the employees minds feel inspired and enlightened while working on their challenging work processes.

Working closely with our Chicago sales representative, Patti Geier of PG Enlighten, we achieved the perfect solution at the conservative price point that was required. Sattler was very attentive to the design team’s goals of shape, profile and necessary photometrics.

Soft Delta is offered in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and colored power supply cables to customize a specific look for any style.

Project Name: Milliman
Project Location: Chicago, IL
Architect: IA Interior Architects
Lighting Design: IA Interior Architects
Photography: Garrett Rowland