The Homer Building

A historic Washington D.C. office building with a grand atrium was in need of an upgrade to its decorative lighting features. The designers collaborated with Inter-lux/ALM to develop a large-scale wall sconce that was sympathetic to the interior of the space and utilized sustainable materials.

The Homer Building’s original lobby and four-story façade, built in 1913, were incorporated into a 460,000 square-foot, twelve-story building in 1990. A more recent renovation effort addressed the inefficient and outdated lighting.

Collective Architecture was the project architect, and MCLA lead the lighting phase of the project. Inter-lux was called upon to work with the team to develop large-scale glass and metal wall sconces to replace the existing sconces and the design team’s concept was engineered and produced by ALM, the custom arm of the Inter-lux brand. The result was a center metal bracket that holds two large glass panels, which are edge lit using high quality Inter-lux LED boards.

These custom sconces are timeless fixtures that complement the architectural scale, finish and appearance of the building, while providing energy efficient LED lighting. ALM is especially suited to support the design and production of modified and custom lighting products

Project: The Homer Building
Location: Washington, D.C.
Architect: Collective Architecture
Lighting Design: MCLA
Photography: Steve Lerum, Inter-lux