Village 121

Inter-lux’s Sattler and Whitegoods luminaires bring illumination and geometric style to the lobby and meeting rooms of the Town Square II building located within Village 121, an 83-acre new development that includes numerous office spaces, four retail centers, restaurants, apartments and a senior living facility. O’Brien Architects from Dallas designed Town Square II, which serves as the headquarters of Catalyst Health Group.

Sattler’s Avveni Pendant 18 luminaire welcomes visitors to the lobby with a modern, branched design that harmonizes perfectly with the medical theme of the healthcare company. In an adjacent meeting room, three Avveni Pendant 6 luminaires work together to illuminate a large conference table.

Avveni pendants are available in a wide range of designs ranging from one light head to eighteen and there is a vertical version as well. The light heads individually attach to an aluminum frame through a magnetic hinge system and the structure and cable suspensions are all adjustable, making this a fully customizable solution. Light head choices are flood or spot; a nine-degree beam angle with lenses for 25, 36, and 60 degrees.

Mini Edgeless Cove (MEC) provides illumination and style to the main lobby and conference areas. Designed to blend with adjoining surfaces to accentuate architectural elements, MEC features a light source that is not visible from any viewing angle up to and including a direct horizontal view and it delivers a continuous soft wash of directed light to the surface above. MEC is the original continuous linear cove system and it features a plaster-in precision knife-edge for a clean, minimal effect.

Soft Delta pendants by Sattler enhance a colorful waiting area. A matte white housing color was chosen to match the wall design. This luminaire features an aluminum profile and an integrated acrylic cover. An optional fabric covering is available to serve as a light and acoustic diffuser and the inward LED illumination creates a glare-free and mirror-free indirect light.

20 Linear Suspended luminaires from Whitegoods brighten the in-house gym and add visual interest with the pattern they create in the space above the equipment. This slim and powerful suspended luminaire is available in fixed lengths and it delivers accent as well as functional illumination with even, continuous light from a spot free lens.