lighting designer: Lighting Design International Studio, London
photographer: Gavriil Papadiotis

Lighting project for the Four Seasons Hotel: a piece of heaven by the Aegean Sea

Located south of Athens along one of the most beautiful unspoilt coastlines overlooking the Aegean Sea, the iconic and historic Astir Palace has been selected by luxury brand Four Seasons to serve as a high-end base in Greece for an international clientele. The building is divided into two sections: Nafsika and Arion, which are home to more than thirty private swimming pools, shared outdoor pools and, of course, stunning beaches.

A luxury hotel with the Interior and Facade designed by the award winning UK studio, Lighting Design International. The Nafsika project embraced both outdoor and indoor lighting and, for the latter case in particular, adopted an even more specific and calibrated approach to give the building a prestigious appeal.

The entrance foyer, lounge, staircase and corridor, together with the stairs, are fully fitted with Rubber LED strips in the 3D and Slide Bend versions. Both varieties are flexible with polyurethane resin diffusers to create imaginative yet perfectly uniform beams of light.

The Orma downlight, a minimal product with a total depth of just a few inches that can meet both indoor and outdoor size constraints. Meanwhile, Suelo Underwater, a durable and long-lasting uplight, completes the external lighting project.