project: Nationals Park-FIS Champions Club
location: Washington, DC
architect: SHH
specifier: OPX
photography: Courtesy of HITT Contracting and Inter-lux
lighting rep: Alliance Lighting

Nationals Park-FIS Champions Club

Inter-lux lighting adds sophistication and excitement to a rejuvenated FIS Champions Club at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals baseball team. This 18,000 square-foot event space features built-in bars and floor-to-ceiling windows that span the ballpark from first to third base.

The purpose of the renovation was to upgrade the club’s interior to make it more inviting and flexible enough to easily transition from hosting sporting events to conferences and black-tie galas. A variety of Inter-lux luminaires were used on the project, all using LED that matches in color and performance, to deliver a high-quality appearance to the space. 12-foot diameter custom-built rings from ALM dominate the cavernous space while linear and downlight lighting from Whitegoods provide subtle illumination in the background.

A direct/Indirect luminaire, Ring UD will fill any space with light and create a voluminous effect. Offered in a wide variety of standard diameters and lumen packages, Ring is available for as much modification as your imagination will allow, including RGB, ovals and squares. ALM provides world-class lighting solutions for large public spaces such as offices and hotels. The standard range is complimented by modified and custom solutions.

Whitegoods ProTools 60 Linear (PTL) is a complete range of high-performance, extremely low-brightness luminaires that are used to put light where it is meant to be without becoming the brightest object in the space. PTL Downlight Suspended is a 2.4” aperture, suspended direct illumination luminaire available in standard and tailored run lengths, including corners with a choice of beam spreads to accommodate all applications.

The 4″ ProTools downlight family offers trimless and trim, round or square, ambient light, or adjustable, wall washers, ultimate performance, superb glare control, lens options and the Whitegoods attention to integration with surrounding materials. 4″ ProTools DL Round Wall Wash is a dedicated wall wash luminaire for even illumination of vertical surfaces available in tunable white and warm dim with a wet location option.
Whitegoods provides a curated range of lighting tools that seamlessly integrate into the architecture while making the absolute minimum visual impact on the space being illuminated.

All of these fixtures were created and assembled in Baltimore, MD to give the FIS Champions Club at Nationals Park a cohesive and customized look.