A bridge of light illuminates the city

A complex and unparalleled architectural form in the MedienHafen in Düsseldorf, a lively district characterized by great cultural churning thanks to the recent intervention of celebrated architects and the development of activities related to the world of creativity and design. The Capricorn Bridge in polymorphic glass and tubular-steel was designed by the architecture firm SuperGelb to connect the Capricornhaus and Float Office buildings that comprise the HQ of Uniper, a company operating in the energy sector since, following the spin-off of E.ON. Capricorn Bridge appears as an entirely independent element from an architectural perspective, completely deviating from the two buildings it faces and connects, realised by the architecture studio of Gatermann+Schossig (Capricornhaus) and by Renzo Piano Architects (Float Office) respectively. The result is an element of great scenic impact that adds a further touch of modernity to the district.

Design: Supergelb Architekten
Lighting Design: Jack Be Nimble
Photographs: HGEsch Photography
Products: Dirigo