project: DNA Pendant
location: Washington, DC
architect: Fox Architects
photography: Erin Kelleher Photography
lighting rep: Alliance Lighting

DNA Pendant

The world’s largest biotechnology trade association relocated its headquarters to the top two floors of a 13-story, 400,000 square-foot building on New York Avenue, where the stairwell is accentuated with a unique and stunning Stoane Lighting chandelier.

Inter-lux and Stoane Lighting collaborated with Fox Architects to create a custom pendant in a double helix DNA design to acknowledge the innovative industry and give the feature staircase a feature focal point. 58 custom frosted acrylic LED light rungs in widths measuring 16 inches to 36 inches were meticulously arranged on a central spine to create the 14-foot-high light sculpture. The spine conceals all the cabling and the modular design allowed the pendant to be assembled on site. Several photos, renderings and drawings were produced to accurately communicate the design vision.

Stoane Lighting products are designed to be aesthetically simple without superfluous detail. They integrate seamlessly into any environment while delivering high-performance lighting. Built to last, their bespoke luminaires can be easily maintained and upgraded to ensure many years of reliable use in a circular economy. Stoane Lighting products are backed with a full 5-year warranty and a duty of care for an additional 20 years.

150+ employees now enjoy a suspended piece of art in their stairwell that brings beauty and light to the space.