Amanda Manufacturing

The Aura Surface by ALM/Inter-lux illuminates and adds contemporary style to Amanda Manufacturing’s two-story, 15,000 square-foot corporate headquarters in Logan, Ohio. MPdL Studio selected these modern light fixtures to complement an innovative non-hierarchical office design that facilitates communication and collaboration. The upper floor is a large, open area and the lower floor is designed to accommodate workers who need quiet and private workspaces. A glass curtain wall façade was modified with a brise-soleil system that limits direct light, but maximizes views of the town.

ALM provides world-class lighting solutions for large public spaces such as offices and hotels. The standard range is enhanced by modified and custom solutions. Aura is a mostly direct luminaire with 10% uplight. Multiple size and lumen packages give designers the flexibility to light all types of spaces. In addition to the surface application, this flexible fixture can also be installed as a suspended pendant. ALM offers Aura in anodized aluminum, white and custom paint colors to work with any palette.

Aura’s round shape coordinates with the style of the pillars located throughout the upper floor and 74 of these luminaires in different sizes dot the ceilings throughout this building.

Project: Amanda Manufacturing
Location: Logan, Ohio
Architect: MPdL Studio
Lighting designer: MPdL Studio
Sales Rep: Lighting Unlimited
Product: ALM Aura
Photographer: James Haefner Photography