project: Studio Faber Technica S.a.s.
photography: Matteo Canestraro

47 Boutique Hotel

The lighting project for 47 Boutique Hotel had a very complex conception and development, as the site had many design requirements. Not only did the architectural features of the hotel and the urban context have to be considered, but also building restrictions dictated by Rome’s Superintendency of Fine Arts and Landscape. The façade, which overlooks the street of Via Petroselli, was the main element to be enhanced through lighting. In addition, there was also the lighting of the wonderful hotel terrace, home to a restaurant deck and cocktail bar with a stunning panorama over the immensity and magnificence of the history of Rome.

The complexity of the project required careful analysis of the most suitable lighting solutions that fully respected the building’s architecture and its surrounding environment.

Starting with the majestic façade, in the street of Via Petroselli, the chosen product was the linear element called Paseo. The surface of the building is punctuated with various materials, textures and colors alternating in overlapping horizontal bands. The composition, clearly visible in the day, is highlighted at night by a lighting system with various different subsystems. Paseo, therefore, accentuates the brick piano nobile, or main floor, with a textural grazing illumination, and while offering a slight accent lighting to highlight the entrance portal.

Importantly, the product is invisible, thanks to special shielding systems that reduce the visual impact of the installed devices as far as possible.
Heading up, we find ourselves on the terrace, where we can enjoy a magnificent view of the city, particularly of an evening, accompanied by fine food and a welcome glass of wine. Here, to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere for diners, is the product Rubber_2D, an extremely flexible LED strip that provides a uniform light from its installation point.