project: Apple’s Culver City Headquarters – 8777 Washington Blvd
location: Culver City, CA
architect: Gensler
lighting designer: KGM
photographer: Steve Lerum, Inter-lux

Apple’s Culver City Headquarters
– 8777 Washington Blvd

Rubber by Inter-lux/Linea Light transforms the exterior of Apple’s Culver City Headquarters by adding eye-catching detail to the sides of the building. Content for Apple TV is created here and Apple plans to grow this location to more than 3,000 employees by the year 2026. The four-story structure features 128,000 square feet of office and retail space.

Linea Light offers a wide range of high-performance LED luminaires and systems featuring functionality, style and design. Architectural and commercial applications include in-grade and recessed options and Rubber is just one of Linea Light’s endless lighting solutions.

Rubber was chosen to add an artistic accent to this project because of its ease of installation, ability to be field cut, and low cost. Also available in an RGB version, Rubber comprises a variety of strip solutions with flexible adhesive circuits suitable for wet locations and a polyurethane resin diffuser creates perfectly uniform lines of light. Rubber is extremely flexible and can bend to cover a very narrow radius, perfectly adapting to sinuous profiles.

An otherwise ordinary building is now a luminous landmark thanks to a Linea Light product. Watch this video to learn more about Rubber.