Inter-lux Introduces the Whitegoods Wand

Inter-lux announces the addition of the Wand to the Whitegoods product line

To demonstrate how incredibly flexible the Whitegoods 20 Linear product range can be, Inter-lux has unveiled an exciting new tool for lighting; the Wand.

The products in the 20 Linear family from Whitegoods are incredibly flexible lighting tools. Inter-lux developed the Wand to allow specifiers to see for themselves just how flexible and multitalented the 20 Linear range really is. Direct it up, down, vertically, horizontally, adjacent to a wall, the floor, a frosted panel or tuck it under a shelf. The Wand is an indispensable tool for roughing out ideas with light.

The Whitegoods Wand is provided with plenty of cable, a simple plug top driver and magnets to snap to metal surfaces. Lighting products from Whitegoods are designed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture to create integrated lighting schemes with one unified style.

“The Wand was developed to give specifiers a tool for mocking-up all of the 20 Linear Whitegoods products and adding functional light to a variety of spaces,” says Mark DeVries, CEO. Learn more about the Wand at