JCDecaux Project

Light can dramatically enhance a space. When vivid colors and sound dampening elements are combined with light, a space can be transformed from a cafeteria to a peaceful refuge. Ohlhaursen DuBois Architects selected the Luce Verde Slim from Inter-lux/Sattler to bring the outdoors into JCDecaux’s employee dining room.

JCDecaux is an international media and communications company specializing in outdoor advertising. Its North American headquarters is located on two floors near the top of the Empire State Building in New York. The 87-year-old building is currently being renovated in phases as part of a 10-year upgrade plan and JCDecaux’s 47,000 square foot space was renovated in 2017.

Two different Sattler products were selected for the primary areas of the office suite; a custom Highmoon Flat and the Luce Verde Slim. The Luce Verde Slim fulfilled JCDecaux’s desire to bring natural, outdoor elements into the employee dining room within the framework of a performance luminaire that provided the lighting necessary for the space, while exhibiting the traits of a living wall. This was a key objective of the design team, since JCDecaux’s business is in the exterior environment. The dried, maintenance-free moss integrated into the LED pendant lights provides a fresh pop of color and sound dampening to improve the room’s acoustics.

This project is certified LEED version 4 and all the materials and products used, including Sattler luminaires, were carefully selected to comply with this environmental standard.

Project Name: JCDecaux
Project Location: New York, NY
Architect: Ohlhausen DuBois Architects
Lighting Designer: Dot Dash
Photography: Joshua Mangold, Inter-lux