60 Linear Surface Flush Lens

A continuous flush lens surface mounted linear luminaire with ultra clean design for absolute minimal appearance

  • 2.4” aperture, integrated solution that is compatible with all ceiling types
  • Standard and tailored run lengths, including corners, wall-to-wall and wall-to-ceiling configurations
  • Flush lens for wide angle, even illumination
  • Multiple control and connectivity options
  • Consistent LED technology used throughout the Whitegoods product range
  • Flexible design allows for installation from below with separate housing and gear tray for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Flicker-free full range dimming with standard driver (Eldoled)
  • Manufactured in the USA

Selections download as one PDF
  • 60 Linear Surface (New CC)
  • Spec Page
  • CC1.3 Static White LED
  • CC1.3 Tunable White LED
  • Constant Current + RGBW (CV)
  • Constant Current Emergency
  • CV2 LED
  • Patterns