Earn 3 Learning Units With Our New AIA Course

Inter-lux launched a new AIA CES-Approved course titled Integration, Integration, Integration; The three most important aspects of lighting, and how to master them. 

This course is a tool-kit to assist Designers in decision making and planning, based on the fundamentals of lighting integration and it focuses on the three key aspects of lighting:

1. Schematic – Integration with the architectural concept or narrative.
• Analysis of the space and geometry, its function, its aesthetic principles, the needs of its users to ensure light supports the project goals.
2. Pragmatic – Integration with the purpose and uses of the space.
• Considering appropriate techniques to deliver light, such as the type and positioning of light sources, the nature of light provided, its directionality and effect on the space.
3. Systematic – Integration with the physical fabric of the building.
• Selecting specific lighting details to deliver the pragmatic needs of the space, types of equipment required, and understanding how it will physically integrate with the architectural fabric.

All of our Market Managers are trained to present this course nationwide and lately, they have been delivering it virtually! More details about this course and a form to request a scheduled presentation can be found at this link