Company Photo Contest Brings Out Inter-lux Creativity

We held an Outdoor Photography contest to give Inter-lux team members the chance to show us their creative sides! After receiving 45 photos from 16 employees, everyone in the company had the opportunity to vote for their favorite photo in one of four categories. The winning photos are currently on display at Inter-lux headquarters.

Here are the winners and a few words about the inspiration behind each winning photograph!

Category 1: Cities, Country and Nature: Connecting with nature where you live  

Elyse DeVries is the winner of Category 1! Elyse is our Banking Liaison. She collaborates with our Accounting and Finance departments and assists with special projects throughout the company.  

The story behind the photo from Elyse: I took this picture last summer in my backyard when I noticed the reflection of the sky in our pond and I had to capture that. The company that installed the pond ended up using this photo in one of their catalogs!”






Category 2: People and Nature: People enjoying the outdoors

Steve Lerum captured the prize for Category 2! Steve is our West Coast Market Manager and his role is to partner with our representatives to support projects and specifiers in those markets.

The story behind the photo from Steve: “This was our first camping trip during the pandemic, my secret fishing spot in the Eastern Sierras. My daughter, Lucia, refused to leave until she caught another fish. So me, pulling a typical Dad move, said “I’m just going to leave you here” and walked downstream. When the sun sets in the Eastern Sierras, it reflects a blue/purplish light on all of the shadows. Mixed with the green highlights (and Lucia) makes for a great photo.”




Category 3: Animals and Nature: Capture some wildlife or an outdoor picture of your pet

Elyse DeVries and Steve Lerum each received the same number of votes for the photos they submitted for Category 3, so we had a tie!

The story behind the loons photo from Elyse:I took the flying loons photo while Mark and I were out on the boat last summer searching for eagles by Poplar Island. I’m still looking out for those elusive eagles!”

The story behind the lobster photo from Steve: “I shot this on a sailing/camping trip in Portland, Maine. We cooked these right on the beach over coals covered with seaweed. If you go to the fish markets in Maine, look for the softshell lobsters (same as regular lobster, just recently molted). They aren’t able to be exported because of the soft shell, so they sell for about half the price.”


Category 4: Creative and Nature:
Art in Nature, a beautiful sight, a precious moment caught on film

The winning entry for Category 4 was taken by Marcus Mueller! Marcus is our Continuous Improvement Manager. His department is responsible for measuring and testing parts, products and procedures to improve production efficiency and quality.

The story behind the photo from Marcus:While living abroad in Tokyo back in 2008, I was able to visit the temple gardens in Kyoto during the Japanese maple season. Similar to cherry blossom season in D.C., the maple season is very much treasured in Japan for its beauty and calming effect. During the evening and at night, the trees with their colorful leaves, as well as temples and other historical buildings, are being illuminated.”





We are so proud of our team members and everything they contribute to Inter-lux, professionally and creatively!