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  • ALM - Architectural project lighting

    World-class lighting solutions for large public spaces such as offices and hotels. The standard range is complimented by modified and custom solutions.

    Interactive Family Overview
  • Filix - Innovative architectural LED

    NOTE: Inter-lux will be offering Filix through the end of the year. Please contact your market manager for details.

  • Linea Light iLED - Endless lighting solutions

    A wide range of high-performance LED luminaires and systems featuring functionality, style and design. Architectural and commercial applications include in-grade and recessed options.

    Interactive Family Overview
    • R = Round
    • Q = Square
    • DL = Darklight (Anti-glare)
    • F = Flush Trimless
    • FL = Flush Path-Marker
    • HC = Honeycomb
    • A = Aluminum
    • I = Stainless Steel
    • J = Tiltable
    • L = Path-marker
    • PRO = Professional Version
    • X = Screw-in Trim
  • Sattler - Light in new dimensions

    An innovative portfolio of high-quality luminaires with various application options that make an impact due to their size and striking design.

    Interactive Family Overview
  • Stoane Lighting - Performance architectural lighting

    Lighting products designed to be aesthetically simple without superfluous detail. They integrate seamlessly into any environment while delivering high-performance lighting.
  • Whitegoods - Seamless integrated lighting

    Luminaires that blend perfectly with adjoining surfaces to create the most integrated lighting schemes with one unified style and maximum efficiency of design.

    Downlight Family Interactive Overview
    Linear Family Interactive Overview
    20 Linear Interactive Overview
    ProTools Downlights Interactive Overview

    ProTools MicroSite