Portable Outdoor Lighting

IP44.de is a young and progressive company that is conservative at the same time. We are conservative when it comes to quality standards and production details. Our technologies on the other hand are decidedly progressive. And our history? Well, this has only just begun.

It all began with a question that was both clear and obvious: why shouldn’t luminaires for use outside be at least as aesthetically pleasing as those we have come to love for inside our buildings? This question led to the design of our very first outside luminaire, more than 25 years ago now. Many building owners, planners and architects liked our answer so that countless other luminaires have followed, together with materials, technologies, trials and errors, as well as successes. A tentative experiment turned into a real company: IP44.de, founded and ever since managed by Bernd Schmalhorst. What has stayed unchanged is our focus on top quality design, and our basic conviction that every place deserves great light.

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